When it comes to creating injection molded footwear, many companies are using "Novelty compound blends" in China with no mixing quality control measures in place and then claiming their footwear is special.  The problem is, a novelty blend is just that, a NOVELTY.  There is nothing special about it.

RECOVELON™ (short for "Recovery Nylon") is a compound that is blended right here in the U.S. with precise accuracy and control.  Footwear compounds have 3 (Rubber, Ethylene-vinyl acetate, and Elastomer) main components, and when these 3 components are carfully broken down to the molecular level and then blended together in precise percentages, it produces a material that truly has superior thermal and elastic properties.  That material is RECOVELON™.  Our footwear reacts with your body's heat and molds to your individual foot shape giving you a personalized fit.  RECOVELON™ was created by SKÖGGS® and is now used to make nothinZ® footwear.  Buy a pair of nothinZ® "Z" Clogs today and discover the RECOVELON™ difference!



Ergonomic fit that molds to your unique foot shape and distributes high pressure points across the entire footbed.


Deep "Z" pattern designed to last 10-20% longer than other brands providing superior traction over any outdoor terrain


Pebble pattern design that massages your foot allowing air to flow under minimizing moisture and maximizing comfort.