Healthcare Testimonials

Healthcare professionals wearing nothinZ at work.

David Haagensen, RN - Minneapolis, MN

"As a cardiac cath lab RN, I'm on my feet, stationary, often wearing a heavy lead vest for extended periods of time.  The new Australia Unlimited - nothinZ® Z clogs are super-soft and unlike other clogs on the market, they have real arch support.  I was able to wear them for a whole shift the first time I put them on, and the new material seems to mold to your feet after wearing them a few times."



Michael King, Orthodontics - Chanhassen, MN

"I highly recommend the Australia Unlimited - nothinZ Z clogs, they are much better than other similar shoes I have worn before.  They are more comfortable and soft, yet more supportive.  nothinZ provide great arch support and over time become even more comfortable as they mold to your feet. My feet no longer get tired when I am on them all day long."